What is Wanderful?

Wanderful is a digital education method coupled with a new approach to get children active while making learning fun.

With Wanderful, children learn educational topics through an interactive experience.

To complete a Wanderful trail, all you need is the free Wanderful app and seek out a number of unique symbol cards on one of our Wanderful trails. 

How Wanderful works

Wanderful works through an app which displays symbol cards for Wanderers to seek. Ideally, little Wanderers will find these cards on the Wanderful trail. A map is available on the website for the grown up Wanderers to help. 

Once a card is located, point the Wanderful app camera at the card to reveal and meet the character you’re seeking. Once found, Wanderful reveals further facts about the character and allows the user to take interactive pictures with them. Once all character are found a quiz is unlocked. 

At the end of the trail, little Wanderers will have found and learned interesting facts about each character, taken sharable pictures interacting with them, and completed a fun quiz.

Where is Wanderful?

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Kids With Wanderful App

Wanderful Families

Why use Wanderful?

  • Creates a sense of magic and fun for the family.
  • Remove the “Are we there yet?” from a family walk.
  • Take pictures interacting with characters discovered.
  • Learn interesting facts about trail characters. “What is a fox’s tail called?”
  • Unlock fun quizzes to test your knowledge.
  • Highlights walks suitable for small legs.
  • Use technology to get the family out!

Wanderful Community & Bussiness

Why host a Wanderful trail?

  • Provide a fun unobtrusive family-friendly offering to your visitors.
  • Help families learn more about your area, grounds or a certain theme.
  • Harness modern technology to enhance visitor experiences.
  • Experience works offline, no coverage, no issue.
  • Experience is suitable for the new normal.
  • Select among the below fun experiences or design a custom trail:
    • A Wee Wander.
    • Native Irish Wildlife Wander [April 2021]
    • Finding Fairies [May 2021]
    • Wanderful Mini Beast Hunt. [June 2021]
    • Wanderful Safari Stroll & Dinosaur Dash. [Future]

For information on hosting Wanderful, please connect with us

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“It is fabulous for their imagination. You really can’t beat the magic of the woods. All my girls keep asking is ‘When’s the next one coming!?”

— Sara Barry-Twohig