Lena & Tim Wanderful App

The Wanderful Why

A fantastic element of childhood is the sense of wonder that all children possess. At Wanderful we want to use this sense of wonder to:

  • Enhance learning through interactive experiences.
  • Increase mobility through lessons that require activity.
  • Get us outside!

Often thanks to technology it is hard to get children outside. We at Wanderful want technology to be the reason we get out and become active.

Lena Ni Mhurchu Angland

The idea of Wanderful came from Angland family ‘Adventures’. When out for walks, Ellie, Tim and Conor are enthusiastic fairy trail roamers or pirate hunters. Meeting the fairies behind the doors, finding pirates or discovering hidden wildlife in the woods are frequent chats and imaginings whilst adventuring.
‘Imagine if you could help them meet some of these characters’ was a thought that kicked off the Wanderful idea. The hope was to bring more wonder to family wanders by adding a little magic to the walk while also learning on the way.

The Wanderful Family

Our Mission

Get children outdoors, active & learning, by adding the magic of augmented reality to everyday experiences. Wanderful brings walks and lessons to life, creating fun and memorable experiences for families and classmates.

Our Partners

“It is Fabulous for their imaginations. You really cant beat the magic of the woods. All my girls kept asking was ‘When is the next one coming?!’”

— Sara Barry-Twohig